Feedback Centre

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new Online Feedback Centre as part of our website.

It is more important than ever for us to understand Wirral’s whole health and social care system and areas that could be improved. The Feedback Centre enables you to leave feedback on your experience of any health or social care organisation on the Wirral and to have your say on the services that matter to you.

Self Help and Inclusion Zone

This page provides access to Guidance, Apps, Information and Toolkits that link people to Wirral services, groups and agencies that are out there for all of us. 

Foundations of Quality

“Foundations of Quality Improvement should always have what patients tell us about their treatment and care at the heart of everything, as a system, that we plan and do. We must be able to evidence that all actions and decisions made come back to this, making certain that everyone feels respected, involved and valued at each and every part of the journey. We should all feel confident that we are either giving or receiving quality care.”

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Keep Wirral Well – useful information on accessing health and social care

Not sure where to go for help with a medical issue? This resource has been designed to offer local information (correct as of Jan 2022) on where to get help on the Wirral.

Feedback Centre

Healthwatch work closely with the Care Quality Commission to look at quality and safety of our services. Your voice has never been so important! We really want to hear from you about what’s working well, and not so well! And we have now made it easier for you with our new Feedback Centre.

Healthwatch Wirral Volunteering Vacancies

Are you a student?      Perhaps you work in health care?      Looking for up-to-date experience?     Retired maybe with lots to offer? We are pleased to be announce that we are currently recruiting...

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Healthwatch Wirral, your voice on health and social care services in Wirral

We are here to make sure your views on local health and social care services are heard. Every voice counts when it comes to shaping the future of health and social care, and when it comes to improving it for today.

Everything that local Healthwatch does will bring the voice and influence of local people to the development and delivery of local services.

All information on our website, social media and through our outreach activities is here to help you as a Wirral resident to feel confident around what is out there. Here at Healthwatch Wirral we want to support people to be able to live happy, safe and healthier lives and have a voice around the services that they access. We do not recommend services, but provide information so people can explore the choices and options that may be right for them and the people they love and care for.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We have set up this page to enable you to have access to the latest updates/information from Public Health England, plus other sources such as Healthwatch England.

Have your say

Have your say about the local health and social care services in your area. No matter how big or small the issue is, we want to hear about it.

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