Our Values

Our job at Healthwatch Wirral is simple: we are here to help make health and social care work better for everyone. Healthwatch is independent and the way we work is designed to give local people a powerful voice to help them get the best out of their health and social care services, whether it’s improving them today or helping to shape them for tomorrow.

Our Values


We want services to be accessible to the whole community. We will listen with empathy and provide accurate information.

How we do this

We are available by phone, email, online and face-to-face


We will connect with the public, Wirral Council, Health and Social Care Services and community organisations to improve care.

How we do this

We visit and inspect health and social care services, work closely with a wide range of partners and hold a monthly forum called the BRIDGE Forum to share information.


We care about everyone's experience of Health and Social Care and creating better services.

How we do this

We take time to listen and what you tell us shapes our work


We will act on what you tell us and tell you about what we've done and the difference it made.

How we do this

We provide information that is easy to understand and gather evidence to share what we find out with everyone


We will ensure that everyone is included in the conversation, especially those whose voices are seldom heard.

How we do this

We involve as wide a range of people as possible by working with local services who represent those who are hardest to reach


We will tell service providers what could be better and help them to make those changes.

How we do this

We help services improve by checking what they do and help them to make things better. We send out a monthly bulletin to share news about our work, local events and updates