The Difference We Make

We listen to your experiences with Health and Social Care services. We make sure that people who plan your services listen to your views.

Positive impact within our community

We understand that factors like culture, employment, education, access to computers, transport, discrimination and where you live can have a huge impact on your health.

We will do all that we can to make sure we are amplifying the voices of those people and communities who go unheard and help to reduce barriers and to improve health outcomes.

Below are examples of recent work where improvements to services were achieved as a result of us working closely with individuals, communities, local community organisations and services to make sure everyone’s voice is heard.


Early Intervention & Prevention Contract Consultation

Healthwatch Wirral was asked to carry out a consultation with people who use services covered under the Early Intervention & Prevention contract, in order to ensure their views were taken into account by commissioners.

The difference we made

Seeing the Light Through the Armour – a hearts and minds reflection on shielding

As official shielding guidance came to an end on 1st April 2021, we continued our work with people who had been shielding to understand more about their experiences and feelings during the pandemic, including access to health and social care.

The difference we made

Young Carers’ Voice Focus Group

Young carers are often an invisible group in our society, but they have valuable insights into health and social care. We worked with Barnardo’s Action with Young Carers Wirral to hold a second focus group in Dec 2021.

The difference we made

Community Mental Health Transformation – Wirral Alliance building

We have played a major role this year working with CWP, Rethink Mental Illness and experts by experience & wider colleagues to support the CMH transformation work here on Wirral and extending to Cheshire.

The difference we made

Our year in review 2022 - 23

7,857 people

shared their experiences of health and social care services with us, helping to raise awareness of issues and improve care.

Share your experiences

28,456 people

people came to us for advice via email, phone, online or face-to-face.