Wirral University Teaching Hospital – join the Patient Experience Strategy Promise Groups

News Newsletter - 21 February 2023

Wirral University Teaching Hospital Trust is looking for more people to join its Patient Experience Strategy Promise Groups – find out more below.

Our Promises:

Benefits of joining the Patient Experience Strategy Promise Groups:

  • Have your voice heard Your opinions, experiences and suggestions are really important to us, we want to hear from you!
  • Make a positive improvement You will be part of a impactful change, helping to change your local hospital for the better
  • Exciting opportunities to get involved in a project Are you looking for a project? We have 5 different Promise groups, that have their own workstreams, there is a project suitable for you, your needs and your time constraints.
  • Your CV/Portfolio will look much better Show your potential employers that you have been part of something positive for your community, it is a chance to learn new skills and hear others opinions and suggestions. It is a chance for personal growth and development
  • Grow your social circle Meet new people and network with those who work, live and socialise in your local area.
  • Shaping the NHS Be a part of shaping your hospital, your healthcare and your NHS!
  • Improving your local community By supporting your hospital you will behelping the community you live in!

For more information please contact [email protected] or 01516047367

Getting involved in the Patient Experience Strategy – Myth Busting

  • I dont have enough time to come to the meetings Our promise group meetings are held once bimonthly (every two months), the meetings last around 1 hour.
  • Ive got no experience of being in a meeting The meetings are not formal and are easy to participate in. There is a Chair (this is someone who is in charge of the meeting) facilitator (this is someone who supports and encourages people to take part and makes sure the agenda happens) and other supportive staff that attend the meetings. An agenda (This is a list of things that will be discussed at the meeting) will be sent in advance, so youll know what we will be discussing. The meetings ensure everyones voice is heard.
  • I dont feel I have anything to contribute Everyone is a potential patient! If you havent been a patient before you can think about what you would expect for you and your loved ones when they need to attend hospital. You can always use the chat function if youd prefer not to be on camera speaking, the facilitator will be checking the chat function throughout the meeting.
  • Im not tech savvy, I cant log in to the online meetings We use Microsoft Teams for our online meetings. This is a free service, and we are happy to help you setting up and testing so you are confident to join a meeting. We have also started to introduce a blended approach for meetings, where we will meet in the community in person. If this is something youd prefer, let us know.
  • I dont want to commit to anything We understand that you dont want to let people down and would sometimes not be able to attend meetings. We appreciate people have poor health conditions, carer responsibilities and appointments. All contributions are welcomed, even if you cant attend a meeting you can always pass on your comments.
  • I require a reasonable adjustment This is something we can discuss by contacting us on 0151 604 7367 or [email protected]. We actively encourage all participants from all back grounds, please contact so we can discuss your personal requirements.
  • I am too young/I am too old Everyone has a voice and everyone is a potential patient, we want to hear from all ages who access our services.
  • I dont think the Patient Experience Strategy is relevant to me Everyone is a potential patient. You, a family member, a friend, a colleague or a neighbour may need our services at some point. By joining, you are helping to ensure they have the best service from your Trust. You can be part of the changes that really make a difference.
  • I dont want my comments shared We take confidentiality very seriously at our meetings. If you find you are not comfortable to speak up in a meeting, your comments can be passed on to the Chair, Facilitator or Administrator in confidence.
  • All of your meetings are in office hours There are so many more ways you can get involved that doesnt include attending a meeting. You can complete surveys, attend a workshop, be involved in a task and finish group, get involved on our socials, read our newsletters or simply by spreading the word.

Patient Experience Strategy mythbusting

Patient Experience Strategy benefits