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This page provides access to Guidance, Apps, Information and Toolkits that link people to Wirral services, groups and agencies that are out there for all of us. There are 1000’s of services, activities and agencies across our Wirral Community and it can be hard to find the right thing for you.


NHS Complaints Advocacy Support

Central Office Number: 0151 230 8957

[email protected]

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Social Care Complaints Advocacy Support

n-compass Advocacy Hub

0300 2000 083

[email protected]

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We have set up this page to enable you to have access to the latest updates/information from Public Health England, plus other sources such as Healthwatch England.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Quick Guides

Unsure on some of the latest rules on isolation and what you we should be doing right now to keep yourself, your loved ones and Wirral well? – please see below for COVID 19 Quick guides for all our community.


NHS Apps

We have a list of NHS-approved apps available to view here



Spare 5 has been developed to encourage people to make time for each other! Optimising access to information relating to your health and wellbeing, Spare 5 provides access to Guidance, Apps, Information and Toolkits that link people to Wirral services, groups and agencies that are out there for all of us.

We all know the importance of talking. There are many national campaigns currently advocating this. Spare 5 is supporting Wirral to unite on this message and strive to reduce feelings of isolation and promote inclusion.

Spare 5 gives permission back to us all to listen, connect, know what’s out there and value each other.

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Wirral Infobank

Wirral InfoBank is an online resource to help you find support services near you. They are also here to support Wirral residents requiring advice, guidance and additional help during this ongoing and difficult coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

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Recite Me is a web accessibility solution which allows customers and clients to customise your website in a way that works best for them.

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Although there are many NHS services available to people in Wirral, there are no clear, simple pathways directing users to the referral mechanism or the criteria for access. Healthwatch Wirral is working with Wirral CCG to promote services to ensure patients can access care and support earlier and closer to home. These pathways have been developed to help promote and improve the access to services in partnership with the service providers and the contract teams. The independence of Healthwatch ensures a non-biased approach and enables relationships to be forged thus creating trust enabling Healthwatch to become a ‘critical friend’ in ensuring positive outcomes for vulnerable Wirral people.

Spare5 Toolkit

Our Spare5 Toolkit is an online directory of Wirral services.

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