Download the ‘Lower My Drinking’ app today

News Newsletter - 24 March 2023

Heavy drinking can cause disruptions in everyday life, but it also has a long term impact and can lead to depression, cancer, and liver disease. It is essential to regulate drinking to have better health and to avoid serious illnesses.

The free ‘Lower My Drinking’ app, designed by clinical psychologists and behavioural scientists, gives advice and uses scientifically-proven tools to reduce drinking to the recommended limit of 14 units a week or less.

It helps individuals set a drinking goal, and then helps them to achieve it by:

  • Tracking progress towards an individual drinking goal
  • Recognising all the gains to be made by cutting down
  • Focusing on what is really motivating to reduce drinking
  • Sees how an individual’s drinking compares to the rest of the population

    As well as this, the Lower My Drinking app shows the issues that could potentially cause someone to drink more than is healthy for them and gives a set of proven skills that can be used to address these.

If you live in Cheshire or Merseyside, you can download the App for free today from Google Play ( or the Apple App Store (