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Wirral Community Trust Blood testing service from 1 December 2016

Nov 28, 2016 | Look After Yourself, News

Wirral Community Trust have shared the leaflet below in relation to Phlebotomy services. 

Karen Howell , Chief Executive of Wirral Community Foundation Trust, answers your questions below;  

Phlebotomy – your questions answered

Many of you reading this will be aware that the Phlebotomy (blood testing) Service is changing. From Thursday 1 December all routine and urgent blood tests will be done on a drop-in basis Monday – Friday, 8.30am-4.30pm at four clinics across Wirral. These are:

  • St Catherine’s Health Centre, Birkenhead
  • Eastham Clinic
  • Victoria Central – Out Patients Department, Wallasey
  • All Day Health Centre, Arrowe Park Hospital site

These changes are essential to reduce waiting times and improve access to the service. Furthermore they will enable us to see an additional 1,000 patients per week. Please be assured we are not reducing the service.

I know there are many questions being asked about why things are changing, and I understand the uncertainty. Demand for blood tests has varied across Wirral with appointments unfilled and sometimes unattended or demand exceeding availability. This has resulted in long waiting times for some, which impacts on patient safety (as blood tests need to be taken and sent to laboratories within a safe timeframe).

We have worked closely with our commissioners Wirral Clinical Commissioning Group (WCCG), exploring a number of options available to us which were affordable and could increase the amount of patients we see each week. The service design has been agreed with WCCG.

Other questions patients have asked include:

What about people who are housebound?

If you are housebound please speak to your GP about arranging a home visit.

What if I need a glucose tolerance test?

You will be able to book an appointment at one of the clinics in advance by calling our Centralised Booking Service on tel: 0151 514 2222.

How long will I have to wait?

Our staff on reception will book patients from 8.30am and you will be called in order of arrival. The average blood test takes five minutes.

Until the new service starts we are unable to predict waiting times but they will be closely monitored. We will give you an estimate of waiting times based on the number of patients before you.

Overall, the new service means that patients will no longer have to wait weeks for an available appointment.

Is the service provided as part of the walk-in centre?

No. The walk-in centre and phlebotomy service are separate services. Waiting times for the walk-in centre will not impact on the phlebotomy service.

I’m concerned about the time it will take to travel to a clinic.

Patients were waiting too long for appointments under the previous service model so change was necessary. However, this does mean that some patients may need to travel further for their appointments.

Will there be charges for parking?

No. There is free parking available at all sites.

More details about the changes are available on our website and if you have a query which hasn’t been answered here please send your question to [email protected]

Phlebotomy service changes

More information can be found here 


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