There are a large number of volunteering roles with Healthwatch Wirral now available.

Please note that for some of the volunteering roles, you will be required to undergo a DBS check which Healthwatch Wirral  would cover the cost for.

Promotions and Events Assistant

Promotions and Events Assistants will be responsible for identifying Wirral events. This role also requires assisting with the promotion of Healthwatch Wirral through the production and circulation of leaflets, posters and information across the community.

Research Assistant

The Healthwatch Research Assistant will be someone who has good background knowledge of broader health and social care services together with the ability to research data and statistics; analyse information and raise relevant questions to feed into the Healthwatch Group.

Authorised Representatives

Healthwatch Wirral is able to send Authorised Representatives to visit certain health and adult social care services to see how they are run, known as Enter & View. Authorised Representatives are involved in:

  • meetings to plan or discuss visits;
  • writing a report about what they see
  • making recommendations to improve services
  • team working

Anyone can be an Authorised Representative, as long as they are a Healthwatch Wirral Associate who has successfully completed the recruitment and training processes. This role may appeal to anyone who has experience of using particular services or who has clinical experience.

Community Engagement Volunteers

Community Engagement Volunteers are a co-ordinated group of individuals who volunteer their time to support the signposting, communication and engagement function of Healthwatch Wirral. They are likely to be involved in:

  • Signposting
  • Information Giving
  • Participating in Task and Finish Groups
  • Encouraging the Public to Engage with Healthwatch Wirral and Become Associates
  • Raising the Public Awareness of Healthwatch Wirral

Volunteers in these roles must be confident in talking to members of the public and willing to be based out in the community. The role also requires the ability to use a laptop computer and printer. Training will be given for this if required.

Authorised Representatives

Healthwatch Wirral has a pool of volunteers who have been trained to act as Authorised Representatives for Enter and View.
Piara Miah
Dave McGaw
Esther McGaw
Denise Williams
Tricia Harrison

Return Forms

By email: [email protected] By post: Download Freepost Address

If you prefer, you can telephone a member of the Healthwatch Wirral team on 0151 230 8957

We look forward to hearing from you.

Will training be available for these roles?

Yes.  All volunteers will receive induction and relevant training for the role they undertake.  Volunteers also receive a handbook, personal training plan and development / achievement record.  Volunteers can also look forward to:

  • Sharing their skills and experience
  • Learning new skills
  • Developing more confidence
  • Gaining work experience
  • Meeting new people
  • Being part of a team
  • Helping the local community
  • Regular review and support
  • Recognition of their volunteering through our reward and appreciation scheme