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Jul 21, 2022 | Look After Yourself, News, Newsletter

Insight IAPT is the lead partner of Talking Together Wirral, working alongside Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, Age UK, Involve Northwest, Open Door Charity and Cruse Bereavement. Together we deliver Increasing Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) NHS evidence-based talking therapies to residents aged 16+, living and registered with a GP in Wirral. If you want more information about any subjects in this newsletter, please get in touch:

Latest News

  • Transformation: Over the last few months, the service has been working on a transformation plan to improve IAPT delivery in the borough. To support this, we have a new experienced leadership team in place. Sarah Gallagher, our new Service Director, has transferred from Kent and Medway IAPT, whilst Alyson Lazoryk and Victoria Lacey, our Clinical Leads, have previously worked at Talking Together Wirral and Talk Liverpool, respectively. In addition, the service has introduced a Community Development Manager, Sam Lee, to help with developing links in the community and identifying opportunities to work in partnership.
  • Recruitment: To aid with the delivery of therapies and reduce waiting times, we are recruiting new team members, both IAPT-approved Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners and High-Intensity Therapists.
  • Webinar: Insight IAPT launched a specialised online course of treatment this month to support individuals who need help with mild/moderate depression or anxiety. These sessions are delivered with support over six weeks via the internet.
  • Training: Training is essential to our plan to deliver excellence to all. Over the last quarter, all staff have recently completed their data awareness training. Clinicians across our steps also attended training to improve their skills in working with interpreters. In addition, PWPs have been having refreshers in assessment skills, OCD and Health anxiety.
  • Insight IAPT Working Group Focus: Insight IAPT and Mental Health Concern continue to work with Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME) and other interested colleagues to inform our ways of working, policy development and co-design of staff initiatives on anti-racism and cultural awareness. This group addresses issues affecting the whole organisation.

Working with the community

Over the last few months, regular community talks have been introduced for our clinical team to understand more about how IAPT sits within Wirral’s mental health support network. In the last few months, we have had visits from Spare 5, Open Door Charity and Age UK Wirral.

We have also met with various organisations supporting our BAME communities, refugees and asylum seekers. This is to set up some focus groups to understand and overcome barriers to accessing the service. So far we have met with with Wirral Multicultural Organisations, Wirral Change and Heart for Refugees.

We have created a short animation for our service that we hope will be shown within our GP practices and other establishments that use information screen software. A copy of this can be found on our Facebook page to support our social media community.

Finally, we have been trialling an initiative with JourneyMEN to refer men who were on our waiting list, receiving treatment or who had just finished treatment to have access to additional non-clinical therapeutic support for their mental health.

Talking Treatments: Stepped care model explained by our Clinical Lead Victoria Lacey

The ‘Stepped Care Model’ is used by IAPT services to make clinical decisions about an individual’s treatment.

This model indicates the most appropriate treatment for the person they are assessing. Clinicians will consider what specific type of depression or anxiety-based problem the person is presenting with, the severity of symptoms, the impact on their everyday lives and the level of risk. This information is considered alongside patient preference and what evidence tells us works best.

  • Within IAPT Step 1 is the assessment stage.
  • In ‘Step 2’ we offer guided self-help based on principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).
  • In ‘Step 3’, we offer High-Intensity CBT, Counselling for Depression, Interpersonal Therapy (IPT), Couples Therapy for Depression and Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing (EMDR).
  • In ‘Step 4’, we offer Psychotherapy which Cognitive Behavioural Therapy can inform, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Analytic Therapy, EMDR and more.

The rise in steps offers more intensive support for individuals who have higher levels of need.

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