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Professor James Kingsland OBE – A Biography by Healthwatch Wirral

Oct 12, 2020 | News

One of our most prestigious Wirral GP’s – Doctor James Kingsland OBE, retired from General Practice in Summer 2020. James will be as busy as ever during this next chapter of his life ensuring that everyone’s health needs are at the forefront of all developments locally, regionally, nationally and even internationally!

Healthwatch Wirral approached James and asked if he would be happy for us to showcase his vast experience and acknowledge the valuable part he has played in the progression of healthcare services over many years; in particular his passion for involving patients and ensuring their voice is heard. A passion we at Healthwatch all believe too! Luckily for us he agreed. He also agreed to work with Healthwatch Wirral, unremunerated, and we were keen to absorb his experience and knowledge.

We filmed a very informative, humorous and honest interview with James, which is available for you to view on our website. We have also attached the trailer which will give you the highlights and the link to the full film. He talks about the past, the future and in particular the present day and the situation we find ourselves in.

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