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Oct 5, 2021 | Look After Yourself, News, Newsletter

Open Door Charity is an independent mental health charity based in Wirral Merseyside. We offer a range of services for young people, young adults (ages 16-30) and parents across our specialist focused sites to support those who are suffering from a range of mental health and wellbeing issues such as anxiety, low mood, stress and panic attacks. Free from geographical boundaries, we operate on a membership model where members can access one-to-one support as well as a range of activities, workshops, and voluntary opportunities. Access is free and immediate; we are proud of having no waiting lists as a key focus of our work since we began in 2011. Open Door is all about shaping change in mental health and we do this through our working strands of empowerment, culture and opportunity.


Bazaar –

Bazaar is our innovative and creative therapeutic intervention for 16–30-year-olds, who are experiencing mild to moderate anxiety, low mood, panic attacks and / or stress.

Bazaar has a very strong evidence base of significantly reducing symptoms of depression and/ or anxiety. The programme is intended to help people in the short term and equip the person with workable skills for like, to maintain feeling good both now and in the future – preventing the issues reappearing.

oomoo –

oomoo is a project for 12-18-year-olds, in which we have been entrusted to support Looked After Children (LAC) on Wirral in a way that has never been done before. oomoo us a unique project reimagining how we can provide support in a dynamic, engaging, and effective ways. oomoo is designed by LAC, for LAC, allowing them to create a support offer that is curated for their needs.

L.E.A.F –

L.E.A.F is a project aimed at inter-family dynamics which may result in aggression or communication breakdown between parents and children. There will be an option to complete a four-week stress management course as well as attending monthly support session which any family member will be invited too. These support sessions aim to break the stigma surrounding family conflict and aggression.

Violence Reduction Partnership (VRP) –

VRP offers a holistic, wraparound package of support for families who may be vulnerable to the effects of exploitation or criminalisation. Once referred, families will be able to access a varied offer which includes intensive therapies, mental health support and opportunities for play, learning and socialising. Families will benefit from 24/7 access to a Family Support Worker who will work alongside them through their journey.

How to access support

To access support for yourself or on behalf of someone else, please head to the Get in Touch page at, use the drop-down to select access services. You will then be contacted for your free, immediate support.

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