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NHS ‘Forget Me Not’ Stickers Initiative

Aug 15, 2018 | News

Something as simple as a sticker can help staff to identify patients who have dementia. This idea was designed to educate staff about dementia and ensure that the most appropriate care is provided for patients. The ‘Forget Me Not’ flower is a commonly recognised logo to represent dementia. This has been a great resource in hospitals, where a card with a forget me not is placed at the end of a patient’s bed or on their bedside table to let staff know they have dementia and of any personal needs and preferences.

Wirral Community NHS Foundation Trust will be replicating this idea to improve patient care and promote dementia awareness.  Following patient and carer engagement, it was decided to use stickers as the initiative. Many people living with dementia often lose the ability to independently care for themselves. Therefore, the stickers will help staff to know when a patient they are visiting has dementia. The stickers were initially piloted in the South Wirral Hub, but has now expanded to the three other localities (Wallasey, Birkenhead and West Wirral), so will be in place across the whole of Wirral. The sticker will be placed on the inside of a patient’s home front door (wood/plastic and not the glass so not to alert passing public). As it is a new initiative it will take some time before every patient with dementia has one, but is a goal we hope to achieve eventually.

If you would like to have a sticker to place on the inside of your front door please contact Emma Taylor, Nurse Practitioner for Older People at WCFT – [email protected]

Source: NHS Wirral Community Trust

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