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Carers Rights Day 2020 – ‘Know Your Rights’

Today 26th November is Carers Rights Day 2020 and this year the theme is ‘Know Your Rights’! Census in 2011 on Wirral revealed that we had 40,340 unpaid carers. However, we know that 1 in 3 people, young and old, are likely to provide some level of care for family or friends. Whether you’ve been caring for someone for a while or have recently become a carer, it’s important that you know your rights and can get support and information relevant to you.

BIG Community Check-in campaign

The BIG Community Check campaign launched in November 2020, and aims to encourage and inspire our local community to take responsibility for checking in on people who live alone or with little support.

Feedback Centre

Feedback Centre

Healthwatch work closely with the Care Quality Commission to look at quality and safety of our services. Your voice has never been so important! We really want to hear from you about what’s working well, and not so well! And we have now made it easier for you with our new Feedback Centre.