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Let’s Talk About: ADHD in Adults

The health topic of the Let’s Talk About Boards will change periodically, and will display local information about the facts and fiction of the topic, signposting to local organisations that can help, asking for people to tell us their stories and a monthly survey of people’s opinions of what could be done.

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  • Early intervention is essential
  • About a third of children are diagnosed, while for adults it is about 7-8%
  • Celebrities who are open about their diagnosis include Rory Bremner and Richard Bacon


  • Everyone has a touch of ADHD
  • ADHD is the same as a Learning Disability
  • Medication is the only treatment for ADHD


ADHD Action

ADHD Action’s website contains useful information and stories from other people who live with ADHD.

Gary Sendall

Gary has previously run support groups for adults who are diagnosed with ADHD and is happy to talk to anyone who finds themselves or a family member in this situation. Gary is also able to provide presentations to organisations or groups who would like to know more.

[email protected]
07715 600 788

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