Your help considering Wirral’s key health and wellbeing Issues

Complete the JSNA Key Issues Survey 2016 to add to our local understanding


This is the third review of the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) and the needs and issues it suggests are the affecting Wirral residents …and your chance to tell them if you think the JSNA has got it right, to add what you know, to tell more people about what is good and helps in your community and to find out how the JSNA works for you…..


What is a JSNA?

The Joint Strategic Needs Assessment, or let’s call it JSNA, provides information about the health and wellbeing needs and issues of the local population. These details are then used to inform local priorities, strategies and service provision that in turn will help to improve health and wellbeing outcomes and reduce inequalities throughout the borough.


…and this is how you can help….reflecting on the JSNA ….by completing their third Wirral-wide survey…

Your responses are very important….Your involvement tells them your thoughts and your views on the JSNA, key issues and local needs …. so the next steps are to …

Check what’s in the key issues summary document here….this provides that overview to help you go onto complete the questionnaire which you can access via this link
If you would like to discuss the key issues survey, access a paper copy or discuss the JSNA in general then please contact John Highton, JSNA Programme Lead at [email protected]

You can also keep in touch with all things JSNA through their JSNA Bulletin by emailing [email protected]   or by visiting the website at



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