Have you left hospital during COVID-19? Tell us your experience

Jul 21, 2020 | Consultation, News

To respond to coronavirus, hospitals on Wirral had to quickly change. Tell us how this has affected the care you or your loved one has received.

If you’ve been receiving care in hospital there can be lots to think about when you’re getting ready to leave, such as any support you will need to help you manage your health and wellbeing.

During the coronavirus pandemic the usual processes hospitals follow to discharge you from their care changed to help free up beds. Because of this, if you’ve been in hospital recently you should have:

  • been discharged within two hours, once you no longer need hospital care
  • had your care and support needs assessed once you have left hospital
  • been moved to the first available bed in a care home, if you cannot go home
  • had any further care or support you need fully funded by the NHS

While these changes have successfully got people out of hospital and helped the NHS manage the demand created by coronavirus, we don’t know how the new processes are working for both patients, their families and healthcare professionals.

Why should you share your experiences of care?

NHS and social care staff are doing everything they can to support people through this pandemic, but they need your help to spot issues to make sure everyone receives good care.

Healthwatch are working with the British Red Cross to listen to your experiences of leaving hospital, so we can help the NHS and social care services understand how the changes brought in during COVID-19 are affecting people’s health and wellbeing – both positively and negatively.

This is why we launched our campaign #BecauseWeAllCare, to encourage everyone to support the NHS recover by providing feedback about health services.

Tell us your views

Speak out to tell us what happened when you or your loved one was discharged from hospital to improve care for everyone. #Spare5 to play your part in supporting the NHS to get back on track sharing our survey with your friends, neighbours and networks.

#Spare5 to take the survey

Healthwatch Wirral are currently updating our website to include an online feedback centre where you can share experiences of all your health and social care services. Keep checking our website and speak to us: https://healthwatchwirral.co.uk/speak-out/

Want to talk to someone in person about your experiences? Here at Healthwatch Wirral we are all #Spare5 Ambassadors and are here to listen to you. We can also provide you with advice and information about local health and care services.

Either call: 0151 230 8957 or Email: [email protected]

Have your say

Please #Spare5 to give us feedback of your experiences of health and social care in Wirral. Our Feedback Centre is free and easy to use – just search for a service and answer a few questions about your experience.

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