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Great news! Wirral Mencap COVID Vaccine Update

Mar 4, 2021 | COVID-19, News

All people with a learning disability are now being invited for their COVID vaccine.

People with a learning disability are now included as part of priority group 6.

Unpaid carers, like family carers, are in group 6 too. Carers should be known to their GP, the local authority or Wired as a carer. If they aren’t, that’s okay, they can still get a vaccine by contacting Wired or the GP.

Getting the vaccine for people with a learning disability

Only people on the GP learning disability register can get the vaccine. If you have a learning disability, you can go on the register.There is some information about the register here.

If you are on the learning disability register already, you do not need to do anything and you should get your vaccine by April. If you have not had the vaccine by then, please get in touch with your GP or call Wirral Mencap.

If you are not on the Learning Disability register, call your GP today and tell them you have a learning disability and want to go onto the register. You might need to have an assessment from the doctor. There is a template letter you can show to your doctor to ask to go onto the register.

If you are not sure if you are on the register, you can ask the receptionist at your GP surgery and they can check for you.  If you have any problems with this you can call Wirral Mencap.

I’m worried about getting my vaccine

If you are worried about getting your vaccine, or you need help to understand it more, ask your GP surgery to make reasonable adjustments. These are things that the receptionist, nurse or doctor should do to make things easier for you.

This might be:

Give you extra time.

Show you around the clinic or centre before your vaccine.

Make the information easy to read.

Allow you to have someone with you when you go.

Wirral Mencap contact details are: email [email protected] or phone 07597 986 437.

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