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Oct 21, 2021 | News, Newsletter

A message from the representation group working to ensure democratic representation for the voluntary, community and faith sector on the Wirral:

During the pandemic the coming together of the humanitarian cell created a community response that supported our communities and each other to tackle the challenges Wirral were facing due to Covid-19. To ensure the momentum was maintained, members of this cell and other groups started to plan how the sector should continue to work together and what was needed to make that happen.

So far two conferences have been held and thematic groups created to codesign these ideas and solutions. One of the priority areas was representation. How and where do we have a voice; how and where can we feed in our knowledge and insight into local planning and strategy development; how and where can we advocate on behalf of the people we support; those most vulnerable who are not always confident or able to speak up for themselves?

From these discussions, the representation group have created a draft mechanism for consultation. A mechanism that will give some structure to ensure as a sector working together, we can have reach and influence and share information widely for everyone’s benefit.

We now need your help! Attached below is a short presentation about the proposed model, we need as many people from across all sectors to share their thoughts, what’s good, what could be improved, have we missed anything?

If you work within the community, voluntary, faith or social enterprise sector, you can complete the following link: VCFSE

If you work within a public sector organisation you can complete the following link: NHS & Public Sector

If you would like further information please contact Karen on [email protected] or if you would like to respond in a different way then please contact Rachel on [email protected]

Representation Mechansim – Consultation Document V2

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