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Aug 12, 2020 | Consultation, Engagement, Events, News

‘Foundations of Quality Improvement should always have what patients tell us about their treatment and care, at the heart of everything as a system we plan and do. We must be able to evidence that all actions and decisions made come back to this, making certain that everyone feels respected, involved and valued at each and every part of the journey. We should all feel confident that we are either giving or receiving quality care.’

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After the recent successful Virtual Bridge Coffee mornings for PPG members and third sector organisations, Healthwatch Wirral are pleased to invite you again to meet.

We hope to share information and think about how services here on Wirral can learn lessons and lock in the benefits of things that have gone well in recent months. At our last meeting we invited Wirral CCG to update and provide information on the latest plans and challenges locally for services. We shared experiences of local residents which led to healthy discussions.

As a general consensus it was discussed and agreed that the third sector/voluntary organisations have been at the heart and the front line of our responses on Wirral and need more support and to be recognised for the valuable work they do. PPG’s also play a very important role in supporting patients to access Primary Care and other services such as Pharmacies.

Some of the experiences and issues shared where as follows:

  • People with Dementia deteriorating more since COVID 19 due to lack of cognitive support
  • Older people becoming more isolated due to fear of going out or not wanting to make a fuss by calling on services
  • People with Leaning Disabilities not being in contact due to not having IT or confident with the skills to use it
  • People with LD having their healthcare needs met- annual health checks
  • People in care homes being denied their liberty
  • BAME community struggling due to language difficulties
  • The need for us to have the right information in accessible formats to Help our local community understand the advice and information that is relevant to their circumstances
  • More cases of Domestic Violence being reported
  • 3rd sector organisations feeling pressured to achieve targets
  • People being discharged from hospital with out enough support or information
  • Although concerns were raised about Mental Health and access to services across community- there was some real positive feedback around the CWP 24/7 Helpline
  • How important face to face meetings are for some people with a Health professional

We have taken all the feedback from the Bridge Forum’s and our wider engagement with community to our local system decision makers, who are responsible for the design and planning of services as we move forward. Experiences and suggestions that people have shared is already helping to shape hospital discharge policies here on Wirral. We continue to feedback any outcomes as we receive the changes and as plans are developed.

More than ever it is so important to share experiences of Health and social care!

NHS and social care staff are doing everything they can to support people through this pandemic, but they need your help to spot issues to make sure everyone receives good care.

This is why Healthwatch have launched our campaign #BecauseWeAllCare, to encourage everyone to support the NHS recover by providing feedback about health services.

Tell us your views

#Spare5 to play your part and speak out to tell us what happened when you, your loved ones or people you know who has accessed health and care services and improve care for everyone.

Healthwatch Wirral are currently updating our website to include an online feedback centre where you can share experiences of all your health and social care services. Keep checking our website and speak to us.

The next Bridge Forum meetings

Wednesday 2nd September 11am – 12:30pm

For anyone involved with the Third Sector (Voluntary or community groups)

Thursday 3rd September 11am – 12:30pm

For anyone involved in Patient Participation groups (PPG’S)

We will be inviting CCG and other speakers once again to update and talk through more developments.

We will also be talking #Spare5, Keep.Wirral.Well and other ways you can be involved locally to help make a difference.

Click below to reserve a place and obtain joining instructions.

We look forward to seeing you, in the meantime please stay safe.

Have your say

Please #Spare5 to give us feedback of your experiences of health and social care in Wirral. Our Feedback Centre is free and easy to use – just search for a service and answer a few questions about your experience.

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