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Sep 27, 2021 | BRIDGE Forum, News, Newsletter

The purpose of this meeting is to share regular information across all sectors, identify issues encountered and discuss how we can work collaboratively in a connected and integrated way to help improve the pathways into services for Wirral residents.

During this time, these meetings are virtual so please follow the joining instructions.

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Bridget Hollingsworth – Adult Social Care updates

Gary Rickwood – Flu vaccination campaign

Louise McNee – Wirral CCG updates

Mark Trewin – Rethink Mental illness

All – Info sharing


Bridget Hollingsworth – Adult Social Care updates

  • Issues in care sector nationally – depletion of domiciliary care force – losing to other services
  • If someone is in hospital they can have a timely assessment but there may be a delay in returning home due to lack of care workers
  • Discharge to Assess – used to be discharged to homes in community for therapy – service is now based in Clatterbridge – Discharge to Assess ward with a consistent therapy offer – not fully operational yet but will be stepped up gradually
  • Assessments in community – increased numbers to assess due to COVID – everything has been risk stratified – prioritising reviews where they can
  • Assessments/reviews at home are carefully risk managed – have to be aware of COVID risk
  • Carers’ assessments ARE taking place
  • Currently reviewing Direct Payments offer in Wirral – looking at the culture – thoughts from the group would be greatly appreciated

Questions/issues raised

  • Focus on person-centred assessments and outcomes for all
    • Project focusing on three teams – strength-based assessments – as person-centred as possible, based on conversations rather than assessment forms; likely to take longer but evidence that if more time is spent on the assessment process there can be better outcomes and resilience – can share some stories
    • Building the time in – it will affect the whole system – need to change structures including IT, metrics social work are measured by (e.g. time from referral to assessment completion)
  • Wirral Mencap – would like to connect around a process for those who don’t get statutory advocates but need additional support (e.g. those with learning disabilities)
    • It’s about making workers more aware of what is available in the voluntary sector rather than just thinking about services – will work together
    • Social care staff should be using Wirral InfoBank
  • Recruitment – dom care – can we help to promote recruitment campaigns?
    • Yes please – it will be in the action plan, there will be meetings to join up
    • We need to thank people – not just NHS staff!
    • Terms and conditions can be very different in the care market as opposed to NHS/council – there is a conversation to be had
    • Social media/comms campaign will be happening
  • Mandatory vaccination in care homes from 11th November – not having a massive impact in Wirral but is a factor

Key messages

  • Lack of domiciliary care staff can delay hospital discharge – please help to promote any recruitment campaigns and vacancies when shared
  • New Discharge to Assess ward in Clatterbridge is being rolled out
  • New assessment process focused more on conversations than forms is being trialled in West Wirral – very person-centred

Gary Rickwood – Flu vaccine updates

  • Presenting letter from NHS England (attached) as a reflection on the last flu season
    • Last year was the highest level of flu vaccine coverage ever achieved.
    • The uptake in the group aged 65 and over was 81%.
    • The Wirral was above the national average.
  • Presenting the national letter (attached) that is sent to introduce the flu season, this letter was sent in July.
    • This letter highlights again that the previous flu season was the biggest NHS flu vaccination programme ever, and that is was successful.
    • The letter states that there may be an increased risk of people catching the flu this year because so little flu virus circulated last year.
      • To clarify this is saying that because so little flu circulated last year, as a population we may be more vulnerable to flu this year.
    • There are various reasons why people did not catch the flu virus last year.
      • The large scale roll out of the flu vaccine last year.
      • The measures taken to prevent COVID-19 (Lockdown, social distancing, enhanced cleaning etc.) would also prevent people catching the flu.
    • The groups that are eligible for the flu vaccine in 2021 to 2022 are:
      • All children aged 2-15 (but not 16 or older) on 31st August 2021
      • Those aged 6 months to under 50 years in clinical risk groups
      • Pregnant women
      • Those aged 50 and over
      • Those in long-stay residential care homes
      • Carers
      • Close contacts of immunocompromised individuals
      • Frontline health and social care staff
    • 100% of frontline health and social care workers will be offered the flu vaccine.
      BW485_Achievements and developments during 202021 season (Flu reimbursement letter)_April 2021 (003)
    • Annual_National_Flu_Programme_2021_to_2022_letter

Questions/issued raised

  • COVID booster and flu jab – can you have them at the same time?
    • Still waiting for an update
    • Louise McNee – confirmation that Birkenhead Medical will be co-administering vaccine (especially for care homes and housebound patients) but not sure about the rollout across the Wirral
  • Definition of ‘carer’ for access to flu jab – they may need to be registered as a carer at their own practice in order to get offered the jab
    • Carers’ passport? Could this be linked in?
    • Report back to flu group if carers are struggling to access vaccine
    • People need to understand that they are carers
      • The Care Act definition of a carer – A carer is anyone, including children and adults who looks after a family member, partner or friend who needs help because of their illness, frailty, disability, a mental health problem or an addiction and cannot cope without their support. The care they give is unpaid.
    • Are people with learning disabilities eligible?
      • Yes – but this needs to be clearer
      • They do have materials for communicating with people with LDs

Key messages

  • The new flu season is upon us
  • Get your flu jab when offered – this winter could see a resurgence of the flu due to the lack of a flu season last year
  • Carers and those with learning disabilities are eligible

Louise McNee – COVID-19 vaccination campaign

  • 83.8% in Wirral have had at least one COVID jab, 78% have had both
  • Delivery has changed – taking the vaccine out into the community to make it easier/more convenient – vaccination bus going to areas of low uptake with first and second doses – mostly well-received by the community
  • Vaccine now available to 16-17 year-olds – working with sixth forms, Wirral Met etc and taking bus to them/doing pop-up clinics
  • Good opportunity for CCG to talk to the younger age group – pulling together quotes, videos etc – will be shared for ‘Back to Life North West’, regional campaign to encourage young people to get the vaccine
  • World Patient Safety Day 17th Sep – theme was ‘Maternal Health’ – had a pop-up clinic at Seacombe Children’s Centre and had members of WUTH’s maternity team present to speak to pregnant women about the vaccine and any concerns
  • PHASE 3 – booster vaccinations have started
  • People are being invited by national booking service and by GPs – have to have at least 6 months between 2nd vaccine and booster; starting with over-80s and health and care staff
  • 12-15 year-olds are being offered vaccine through school nurses (with parental consent)
  • CGG AGM – 13th October – keep an eye out for invitations

Questions/issued raised

  • 12-15 year-olds – parents asking for more information as they’re getting consent forms for jabs that don’t cover COVID jab
    • Will liaise with Fiona Fleming who is leading from Community Trust on school effort – need to ensure a consistent message
  • There is a joint COVID/Flu vaccine campaign nationally which will be shared

Key messages

  • Wirral has a good uptake of the COVID-19 vaccine and the focus now is on specific areas and age groups, including 16-17 year-olds
  • Phase 3 (booster vaccinations) have started and people will be invited based on age group

Mark Trewin – Head of Alliance-Building at Rethink Mental Illness

  • Rethink has some funding to support local areas around implementation of Community Mental Health Framework
  • Want to expand from an NHS-led way of working to be more community-focused – co-production, listening to experts by experience etc
  • Rethink working with voluntary sector groups in mental health field

Questions/issued raised

  • Are you working within schools?
    • Not specifically in schools but working with a lot of contacts in child and adolescent mental health, so even though it is not them doing it they can still information share with the people that are.


Yunus Mogra – NWAS

  • Demand continues to be high for the ambulance service – level 4 out of 5
  • AGM last week – lack of awareness within communities around NHS 111 service – please share comms with your groups!
  • Mental health practitioners do sit in NHS 111/999 service
  • Staff will still be wearing full PPE if coming to you for their own safety

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