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BRIDGE Forum October 7th and 8th 2020 – NOTES

Oct 20, 2020 | BRIDGE Forum, Events, News

‘Foundations of Quality Improvement should always have what patients tell us about their treatment and care, at the heart of everything as a system we plan and do. We must be able to evidence that all actions and decisions made come back to this, making certain that everyone feels respected, involved, and valued at each and every part of the journey. We should all feel confident that we are either giving or receiving quality care.’

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Bridging Resources Information and Direction for Everyone (BRIDGE) Forum

We invited Wirral CCG, Mike Chantler and Public Health speaker, Gary Rickwood to share information about the current situation re COVID 19 and the Flu vaccination plan at the recent BRIDGE Forums for the 3Rd Sector and Patient Participation groups. Also attending where Micha Wordsworth and Jenny Baines from Healthwatch Wirral who gave a presentation ahead of the launch of the new Feedback Centre.

At BRIDGE we are encouraged to think about how services here on Wirral can learn lessons and lock in the benefits of things that have gone well in recent months.

As a general consensus today and at previous meetings, it was discussed and agreed that the third sector/voluntary organisations have been at the heart and the front line of our responses on Wirral and need more support and to be recognised for the valuable work they do. PPG’s also play a very important role in supporting patients to access Primary Care and other services such as Pharmacies.

Please see below brief notes of key points and issues.

Wirral CCG – Mike Chantler

Updated us on the current NHS situation and proposed initiatives:

  • There has been a significant increase in infections on Wirral
  • There is anticipated increase in cases during winter months as people spend less time outside and more time inside in less ventilated areas
  • New restrictions and lockdown measures to be announced very soon
  • Adherence to the current and new guidelines are essential
  • The drivers in how long this will last is down to us and the adherence to the guidelines i.e. washing hands, social distancing, face coverings etc
  • Everyone must do their part re maintaining social distancing and following recommendations re public gatherings and the wearing of facial coverings
  • More patients have been admitted to APH with COVID symptoms since April
  • Patients admitted with more serious symptoms are being managed differently due to the learning of clinical advances
  • Winter pressures will increase cases during the winter months
  • People will still be admitted to hospital if at risk/emergency
  • GP Practices will still maintain E Consult but will also conduct Face to Face appointments as necessary
  • Mike would like feedback re-experiences, please contact Healthwatch Wirral – we will ensure this is coordinated
  • Think First 111 Service launching In November, this service has been redesigned to encourage people to contact the 111 service before going to A&E. Unless and emergency please call 111. They have recruited 200 new health adviser call handlers and other health professionals – this will reduce waiting times at hospitals and Primary Care. This will also help with appointments at A&E (unless an emergency). This will help with overcrowding in A&E departments. This is not a mandatory service, and no one will be turned away.
  • Experiences of the NHS 111 First service will be included into the Healthwatch Wirral Feedback Centre and shared with the decision makers

Key message

Communications will be sent out to all organisations before the launch date in November. Please ensure the people you support receive this information

Feedback Shared:

  • Reassurance from NWAS there will be additional call handlers and the NHS 111 online service is still available
    • The call to action is to help the public and the more vulnerable be aware of the service and to help if needed
    • The summary of the service will be release and shared this week
  • NWAS will also be releasing a short video to assist the comms launch
  • All attendees asked to sign up to the Healthwatch Wirral bulletin for up to date information. Contact details of attendees to be shared in notes to encourage networking and support
  • Healthwatch will raise issues at strategic level to ensure decision makers informed
  • NWAS also releasing the ‘Do we have your number’ campaign. This will help with location of people in emergencies.

Wirral Public Health – Gary Rickwood

Updated on the current flu vaccine

  • Public Health are coordinating the delivery of the Flu vaccines across Wirral
  • Positively the uptake for the vaccines has increased due to COVID, this will help protect against having both infections at the same time
  • NHS has procured (bought) additional vaccines
  • The target groups have increased take up by 50%
  • We all must play our part in encouraging people to take up vaccine #Spare 5
  • Patients attending outpatient appointments will be offered vaccination at the same time.
  • Vulnerable groups include care home staff, carers, homeless people; BAME community and travellers.
  • Wirral plan to vaccinate 211,000 which is approx. 63% of the community
  • Pharmacies have reported 2400 uptake last year and an increase to 540 to date
  • Additional vaccine stock to be delivered by mid-November
  • Target is to vaccinate 75% of people identified
  • Its good news that numbers are increasing which means people are accessing the vaccine, but it may put pressure on current stock
  • We still need to continue to promote the key message- especially to harder to reach groups in our community
  • Carers and people with Learning Disabilities are on the priority list

Key message

Get vaccinated -Ask GP or Pharmacy -take any opportunity- see attached additional groups to be included.

Feedback, questions, recommendations and discussion;

  • How will those people who lack confidence to go out (not shielded) get the vaccine?
  • A selection of dates and venue (community Centres) if they can have a drop in, similar to the way GP Practices have carried the vaccinations before COVID
  • Clear plans should be shared with patients of each GP Practice (PPG request)
  • Could organisations be set up be set up as a vaccination centre?
  • Would smaller organisations be kept involved and updated re information?
  • Third Sector organisations are not on the priority list yet

Public Health Wirral has taken all the issues raised. Reassurance that all will be taken to the decision makers. Feedback will be provided to the next BRIDGE forum and via Healthwatch bulletins. These issues will also be raised by Healthwatch and will be raised at the relevant planning meetings.


  • People who are self-isolating- how will they get home vaccinations? –

Assumption this will happen in GP Practices – HWW will take this issue to decision makers

  • CCG representative would like feedback regarding experiences at GP Practices and E Consult, please contact HEALTHWATCH- we will ensure this is coordinated. Group will be kept informed. Keep Wirral Well designated staff will also be informed of issues raised at these meetings through the communication teams
  • Healthwatch Wirral will Share issues raised at BRIDGE and at other relevant decision-making meetings
  • Healthwatch Wirral will send Ebulletin to all attendees for information sharing as agreed
  • Healthwatch Wirral will share contact list of attendees to encourage connecting/networking

Information re Healthwatch Wirral Feedback Centre

Micha and Jenny from Healthwatch introduced the new Healthwatch Wirral Feedback Centre where local residents can share their experiences of health and social care services. More information is available on the slides attached and on the Healthwatch Wirral website:

Issues raised

  • How will the information be moderated? HWW reassured attendees the feedback would be monitored by HWW ahead and reports to be made available to the commissioners or service providers with clear recommendations by HWW
  • This will also inform HWW to identify services around Enter and View statutory power to visit services/departments identified as having issues that need inspection identified through the Feedback Centre
  • What will happen to the feedback once collected? Actions will be addressed immediately with services on behalf of person uploading feedback and then a theme of issues will be reported back to the public. Individual issues will not be made public ahead of services being informed. Feedback will not be published at this time but may be included in the future.
  • There was a general consensus the Feedback Centre will provide a much-needed platform for people to raise experience of services.
  • The NHS 111 First Service through NWAS welcomes the support from the Feedback Centre and will work with HWW in ensuring plans will include this mechanism moving forward
  • The PPG participants concluded this will be an opportunity for patients in Primary Care to share good practice, potential issues and provide real examples of experiences. In particular for those Practices who do not have a proactive PPG


  • Bernie Mooney shared AGE UK now have 3-4 Admiral Nurses which will help with Carers who are looking after someone with Dementia. Also, AGE UK have more electronic tablets available for those who need to access IT with free internet access. IT buddies also available to assist in the use of the tablets. Contact AGE UK for more information 0151 647 3537

Thank you for all those who attended and spared 5!

Healthwatch Wirral Feedback Centre presentation

The next Bridge Forum meetings

Wednesday 18th November 11am – 12:30pm

For anyone involved with the Third Sector (voluntary or community groups)

Thursday 19th November 11am – 12:30pm

For anyone involved in Patient Participation groups (PPGs)

Topics will include:

  • Update on launch of Healthwatch Wirral Feedback Centre and how you can influence and help Wirral residents to have a voice now and in the future.
  • Update from Wirral CCG- NHS111 First and AOB
  • Update on Wirral Flu vaccination campaign
  • Updates on Wirral Outbreak Hub and Wirral Champions

Any issues you feel should be raised please feel free to email Jacqui Canning.

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