BRIDGE Forum June 2022 Snapshot

Jun 30, 2022 | BRIDGE Forum, News, Newsletter

BRIDGE Virtual Forum (Third Sector and PPGs)
Wednesday 22nd & Thursday 23rd June 2022

(Bridging Resources Information Direction Guidance for Everyone)

The purpose of this meeting is to share regular information across all sectors, identify issues encountered and discuss how we can work collaboratively in a connected and integrated way to help improve the pathways into services for Wirral residents.

Toyah Cutler – Wirral InfoBank

Louise Harland-Davies – Wirral Community Champions

Jenny Baines – Healthwatch Wirral Feedback Centre

Dominic Griffiths – Energy Projects Plus

All – Info sharing

Apologies from: Mike Chantler (Wirral CCG), Steven Blakemore (Wirral InfoBank), Lisa Barnes (One Wirral)

Toyah Cutler – Wirral Infobank

Louise Harland-Davies – Community Champions

Jenny Baines – Healthwatch Wirral Feedback Centre

  • Use Feedback Centre to leave feedback on local health and social care services – particularly keen to hear more feedback about mental health services
  • Email [email protected] to update info on Feedback Centre
  • Themes from Annual Report – GP access, dentistry and discharge from hospital – full report will be published on website

Dominic Griffiths – Energy Projects Plus

Info sharing

  • 999BSL launched nationwide:
  • Kevin Sutton, Delamere Community Centre
    • Lead member of Reference Group which reports to Health and Wellbeing Board, helping to develop Health and Wellbeing Strategy – report on ongoing work of CVF Working Group
    • This Strategy is the first time our sector has had a chance to be involved at the very start rather than at draft stage
    • New Task and Finish Group – people on call may want to join – contact Sam Burgess [email protected]
    • Reference Group working together, concentrating on developing community/family hubs and addressing health and wellbeing through green and open spaces
  • Jennifer New – Wirral Council
    • Qualitative Insights Team are due to send out an email soon to introduce our team.
    • Current single point of contact for our future work and the Task and Finish group mentioned by Kevin is via our Project Support Officer Sam Burgess [email protected]
    • Brand new team so further information about our work regarding Health and Wellbeing will be shared at a later date with the Bridge Forum by our Project Manager Katriona Lloyd
  • Rachel Collier – Serious Mental Health Care Co-ordinator – Healthier South Wirral
    • PCN recently taking on a number of new non-clinical staff to offer support and signpost a patient on to the right resources when necessary
    • Team includes health coaches, care home co-ordinators, wellbeing practitioners and carer and care homes co-coordinators
    • Practices covered by PCN: Eastham Group Practice, Allport Group Practice, Spital Surgery, Orchard Surgery, Civic Surgery, Sunlight Group Practice
  • Jenny Carter – Together All Are Able –
    • self-advocacy organisation based in Wirral, give people with learning disabilities and autism a voice – also involved in transforming care for people with learning disabilities and autism
    • Did lots of work during COVID to help out
  • Karen Horner – Tomorrow’s Women –
    • Also have Tomorrow’s Young Women for 14-17 year-olds, Monday evenings, running interventions and 1-1 counselling/support
    • Knife Angel event for all women over 18 – 22nd July, 12-2pm

  • Laura Steventon – WEB Merseyside
    • Wellbeing charity based in Birkenhead – offer support to men, women and young people; weekly groups for men and women
    • Counselling offer to adults and young people (over 11) although there is a wait for YP
    • Listening appointments also offered for one-offs
    • Gateway provider for survivors of domestic abuse
    • Caring Dads programme for perpetrators of domestic abuse who have children
    • New Trans and Nonbinary group for young people starting up 5-7pm on Tuesday @ Gautby Road
    • for all services
  • Julie Hodgson – Wirral Multicultural Organisation
    • Regular Tuesday morning coffee mornings, themed events – predominantly work with BAME communities but anyone is welcome
    • Sexual Health Team will be delivering a Sexual Health and Wellbeing 5th July 10.30am – 12.30pm – 111 Conway Street, CH41 4AF
    • Breast Screening Session on 19th July 10.30 to 12 noon – two sessions, one for women only and one for men – raising awareness of men’s breast cancer/screenings
    • For more information please contact [email protected]
  • Jacqui Canning – Healthwatch Wirral
    • Enhanced out of hours GP access – GPs have to engage with their patients to ask if they’d use it and what they would like
    • We will be doing engagement not just at GP practices but also supermarkets – going where the public are! And working with PPGs
    • Local practices (Heswall and Pensby PCN) considering locum GPs for weekend work – likely to be organised on a PCN basis rather than individual practices
    • Communication is key to make sure everyone is aware of the services available

Full notes: Jun 2022 notes

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