BRIDGE Forum June 2021 Snapshot

Jun 25, 2021 | BRIDGE Forum, News, Newsletter

The purpose of this meeting is to share regular information across all sectors, identify issues encountered and discuss how we can work collaboratively in a connected/ integrated way to help improve the pathways into services for Wirral residents.

These are the highlights from June’s BRIDGE Forums – full notes are available at the bottom of the page, along with slides and resources that have been shared.


  • Mike Chantler and Louise McNee – Wirral CCG update
  • David Hammond – Wirral Community Health & Care NHS Foundation Trust
    [email protected]
  • Michelle Gough – Wirral Community Champions

Mike Chantler – COVID-19 update

Key points

  • Delay in restrictions being lifted – 19th July; Liverpool City Region identified as requiring extra support due to Delta variant which is more infectious
  • North West has quite a few cases but Wirral currently not too bad (less than 10 people in Arrowe Park)
  • Surge of people coming back to services in the past month – pressure on emergency and ambulance services
  • 2 million over 50s nationally still haven’t been vaccinated – still need to understand why some people aren’t taking that step
  • Working with Wirral Council to put in place conversations with trusted clinicians to help reassure people

Questions and issues raised

  • Have the patients at Arrowe Park been vaccinated?
    • Can’t give specifics of local patients but across NW – majority have Delta variant and either not vaccinated or only one dose – second dose crucial
  • Delta variant also has different symptoms – sneezes and headaches, less around loss of taste/smell
  • Yunus Mogra – NWAS update
    • Ambulance service under a lot of pressure currently – demand not abating – may still be picking up backlog from GPs
    • Positive – electronic records now online across whole of NW – better information access and can pass info on to receiving hospital
    • Ambulance staff are nearly all vaccinated but will still be coming out in full PPE

Louise McNee – Lower My Drinking app

Key points

  • New app has been soft-launched on Wirral to help people reduce their drinking – available on Android and iOS
  • Supported by clinical colleagues across Wirral; people can self-assess and refer to local services
  • Cutting down on alcohol can reduce attendance at A&E/pressures on health services

Dave Hammond – Locality Team Development and Good Lives transformation project

Key points

  • WCHC delivers Adult Social Care on behalf of Wirral Council and is looking to change the way it works to make it more responsive to people’s needs
  • Locality Team Development – moving away from a services-based model to community-based
    • Planned changes – four locality-based, all-age multidisciplinary teams in Birkenhead, South Wirral, Wallasey and West Wirral, plus one system-wide team for Wirral-wide services e.g. walk-in centres
  • Good Lives transformation project – partnership with Wirral Council and Partners for Change
    • Adult Social Care is too focused on assessment and review procedures – there are too many hand-offs, referrals and waiting lists
    • Testing a new way of working at ‘innovation sites’ in Birkenhead and West Wirral for 13 weeks initially
      • Listening to people as they are the experts in their own lives – moving away from language like ‘service user’
      • No handoffs or referrals
      • More responsive to what people need
  • WCHC wants views from partner and community organisations to support this work:

Questions and issues raised

  • Wirral Deen Centre is aware of a case involving Power of Attorney – every department/organisation seems to understand it differently – how can this be addressed?
    • Acknowledgement of the issue – we need a reset/restatement of these things to make sure basics are understood across the system
  • How have the third sector been involved in developing the model?
    • Connections between project team and some partner organisations (social prescribers, connectors, Age UK) – next step is for teams to make more connections with more orgs
    • Mencap – co-production with learning disabilities – get us involved!
  • Make sure third sector are involved from the start if possible!


  • Wirral Change – BAME COVID Community Support Service
    [email protected]

    • Developing health literacy around COVID for BAME community – working with other BAME organisations across Wirral
    • Using video and translation to get message across, also door to door service – knowledge about testing and self-isolation especially for those who don’t want vaccine
    • Wirral Change also doing vaccine at premises 28th June
  • Sport and Activity Strategy for Wirral Council
    [email protected]

  • Wirral Mencap update
    [email protected]

    • 14th-20th Learning Disability Week – very busy!
    • Relationships and sexuality work for people with learning disabilities – get in touch for training and courses
    • Paid co-production work opportunities for people with learning disabilities and their carers
  • Wirral Family Coaches
    [email protected]

    • Free coaching for anyone with responsibility for looking after young people or children – don’t have to be parents!
    • Setting goals and looking at how to work towards them e.g. confidence, anxiety, time management, conflict resolution
    • Funding extended to March 2022 – get in touch for support – no area requirements or waiting lists
  • COVID champions update
    [email protected]

    • 625 champions – COVID updates are circulated
    • Link Workers are translating information into different languages
    • Engaging with young people to find out views on vaccine/what are the barriers? Most young people say they are going to get it
    • Location of vaccine sites can be a barrier – working to make vaccine more accessible to all

Read the full minutes here: BRIDGE Forum June 2021 minutes

WCHC presentation: Dave Hammond slides

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