BRIDGE Forum July 2022 Snapshot

Jul 28, 2022 | BRIDGE Forum, News, Newsletter

BRIDGE Virtual Forum (Third Sector and PPGs)
Wednesday 27th & Thursday 28th July 2022

(Bridging Resources Information Direction Guidance for Everyone)

The purpose of this meeting is to share regular information across all sectors, identify issues encountered and discuss how we can work collaboratively in a connected and integrated way to help improve the pathways into services for Wirral residents.

Sarah Boyd-Short – Primary Care Wirral – Update on e-consult

Lisa Barnes and team – One Wirral CIC – Bridging the Gap Together Project

Michael Chantler – NHS Cheshire and Merseyside – ICS update

Samantha Lee – Insight IAPT – Talking Together Wirral

All – Info sharing

Full minutes: Jul 2022 notes

Sarah Boyd-Short – Primary Care Wirral – Update on eConsult

  • There has been a competitive procurement process as the eConsult contract has now ended (although it has been extended until Dec 2022 to allow a changeover period)
  • The new provider will be PATCHS which has a number of advantages including fewer questions, built-in translation support and excellent usability for both practices and patients
  • PATCHS will provide training support and there will be an engagement process to help ease the transition for patients

Presentation: Bridge Forum PATCHS presentation

Lisa Barnes and team – One Wirral CIC – Bridging the Gap Together Project

  • Bridging the Gap Together aims to improve the lives of people living with long-term health conditions including long COVID
  • This involves a personalised care plan taking into account where the person is and where they want to be
  • There are a range of activities available including conservation work, resilience workshops and peer support groups
  • People can self-refer through Facebook, email/phone and Forms:, [email protected] or call Lisa on 07496681332

Michael Chantler – NHS Cheshire and Merseyside – ICS update

  • Cheshire and Merseyside ICB came into being 1st July – Wirral PLACE team is part of this with Simon Banks as PLACE director
  • Lots of organisational design still to be worked out but this is an exciting opportunity to work more closely together and with VCF sector
  • Keep Wirral Well – building on collaborative working together during pandemic – one brand that people will understand
  • Delays at A&E should be alleviated by ongoing Arrowe Park development project which will expand capacity

Samantha Lee – Insight IAPT – Talking Together Wirral

  • IAPT stands for Improving Access to Psychological Therapies – Talking Together Wirral provides a range of talking therapies for mild-moderate anxiety, depression and other conditions
  • Works with other orgs e.g. Age UK, Clear Minds, Cruse, Open Door to provide a wider range of services
  • Assessment within 10 days is the target and this is currently being met
  • Communication around waiting times – waiting times change a lot but this should be discussed with the person at assessment – current maximum wait time is 7 months but could be seen within 6 weeks
  • Steps are being taken to improve waiting times including increasing number of appropriate referrals and recruiting more staff
  • Contact Sam Lee for marketing materials, thoughts/comments or presentations: [email protected] or call 07977 582540

Presentation: IAPT presentation


  • Healthwatch Wirral: Annual Report has now been published:
  • Energy Projects Plus: We help vulnerable residents to keep warm and well at home, at as low a cost as possible. You can refer clients to us here: (if your organisation is not on the drop-down list, just select “other” and let us know who you are in the ‘notes’ section). If you’d like to know more about what we do and how we can help your clients/tenants/members/etc, feel free to drop me a line: [email protected]
  • Action for Children: overseeing our Merseyside services, which includes 1:1 Counselling in 10 secondary schools across the Wirral, The Blues Programme: an eligibility based 6-week group CBT skill based intervention for 13-19year olds, Bouncing Back: a Universal offer 2 session Resilience Workshop for 7-19 year olds and The Approach: a 1/2 day to full day programme for the workforce. [email protected]
  • Wirral InfoBank: Wirral’s directory of community groups, services, and activities that can support your health and wellbeing. Family ToolBox aims to make resources and support more readily available, putting the power right in the hands of families to work out what they want to change, and what steps they want to take to do that through details of organisations, support offers, events and resources and is managed by an alliance of local organisations. Do you have a service you need to include on either website? Or wish to update your existing offer. Then please email [email protected] or call 0151 644 4500 (option 8)
  • Dove Service: Grief Out Loud, we can provide free grief support in the community (drop ins, workshops, support groups and counselling), Wirral facilitator is [email protected]
  • Rob Blackburn, Complaints Investigating Officer for Wirral Children and Young People’s Department (part of the council). My email is [email protected] – volunteering opportunities for Independent Person role – or see IP Advert

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