BRIDGE Forum January 2022 Snapshot

Jan 20, 2022 | BRIDGE Forum, News, Newsletter

BRIDGE Virtual Forum (Third Sector and PPGs)
Wednesday 19th & Thursday 20th January 2022

(Bridging Resources Information Direction Guidance for Everyone)

The purpose of this meeting is to share regular information across all sectors, identify issues encountered and discuss how we can work collaboratively in a connected and integrated way to help improve the pathways into services for Wirral residents.

Mike Chantler – Wirral CCG – COVID-19 and vaccination updates

Gary Rickwood – Public Health – flu vaccination update

Louise Harland-Davies – Wirral Council – Community Champions

Jenny Mason – Cheshire and Mersey ICS Digital Inclusion Lead

Adam Hughes – Healthwatch Wirral – #Spare5

Jenny Baines – Healthwatch Wirral – Feedback Centre

Mark Trewin – Rethink Mental Illness

All – Info sharing


Mike Chantler – Wirral CCG

  • Omicron wave has had an impact on staff absences (especially domiciliary care) but the spike in hospital admissions is lower than expected
  • Working to get back on track with routine healthcare
  • Pop-up vaccination clinics are successful – still have people coming for their first vaccine, including young people
  • Some reports of antivax movement out and about – Merseyside Police and partners have been alerted
  • Working through guidelines on compulsory vaccines for NHS frontline staff – need to make sure staff have accurate information to make informed choice

Gary Rickwood – Public Health

  • Really good uptake in most vulnerable groups – over 80% of over-65s
  • Lower rates of uptake in 2-3-year-old children and pregnant women
  • Uptake varies hugely by GP practices – Public Health are working to identify practices where delivery is lower to find out why
  • Great uptake of vaccine at community pharmacies over the last two years
  • It’s not too late to get vaccinated! Vaccines continue into February

Louise Harland-Davies – Community Champions

Jenny Mason – Cheshire and Mersey ICS Digital Inclusion Lead

  • Looking at digital inclusion alongside health inequalities – need to make sure that digital tech doesn’t widen the gap or leave people out of care
  • Monthly digital inclusion networking group – get in touch if you want to join! [email protected]
  • Digital First Kit Recycling – have been distributing PCs across Cheshire and Mersey to patients with health needs, great feedback
  • New work – ICS-wide Research Project starting next week – working on a heat map to find areas of digital exclusion which will then lead to focused research to find out what the barriers are

Adam Hughes – Spare 5

  • Get in touch with Adam if you’re interested in Spare 5 or Healthwatch Wirral training – [email protected]

Jenny Baines – Feedback Centre

Mark Trewin – Rethink

  • Get in touch with Rethink if you’d like to be involved in community mental health transformation work – [email protected]


  • Karen Blair – Aftermath Support – small NW charity supporting people affected by a road crash including witnesses, victims, families etc – emotional and practical support
  • Yunus Mogra – NWAS
    • NWAS at REAP level 4 (highest is 5) – under extreme pressure but starting to see a fairly cautious reduction in demand over 7 days
    • News about military support for ambulance service – initiative to provide additional resilience across org – looking at around 150 military personnel to provide ongoing support
    • Staff shortages due to COVID may be improved by new self-isolation rules
    • Staff will continue to wear PPE – different levels depending on level of intervention to help protect patients
    • NHS 111 national comms campaign, get in touch if you need some advice/support! More mental health practitioners on NHS 111 also
  • Natalie Sherratt – Dove Service based in Staffordshire, has had 5-year funding covering the Wirral – Grief Out Loud project – workshops, training, support groups and 1-1 counselling for children, parents/carers, professionals and community groups
  • Dave Fernyhough – Place2Be – children’s mental health and emotional wellbeing – support in 6 primary schools in Wirral, offering support to children, parents and staff
  • Andrew Cass – Wirral Ways to Recovery – Lower My Drinking app – tool to support reductions in drinking, whatever level of drinking – would like feedback on the app! Lots of people downloading but not necessarily using – is it asking the right questions? Is it easy to use?
  • Bernadette Mooney – Age UK Wirral – Dementia Carer Support
    • Digital carers’ course starting today – 5 week course discussing different elements of caring for people with dementia
    • 14 people attending this afternoon who would normally never have picked up a tablet or been involved in anything digital!
    • Tablet Loan Scheme – we need to emphasise amount of time it takes to set programmes up and get to use these devices – lots of hard work

BRIDGE Forum Jan 2022 notes

C&M Digital Inclusion Healthwatch Wirral – 220119

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