BRIDGE Forum February 2022 Snapshot

Feb 24, 2022 | BRIDGE Forum, News, Newsletter

BRIDGE Virtual Forum (Third Sector and PPGs)
Wednesday 23rd & Thursday 24th February 2022

(Bridging Resources Information Direction Guidance for Everyone)

The purpose of this meeting is to share regular information across all sectors, identify issues encountered and discuss how we can work collaboratively in a connected and integrated way to help improve the pathways into services for Wirral residents.

Louise McNee – Wirral CCG – COVID-19 and vaccination updates

Louise Harland-Davies – Wirral Council – Community Champions

Anna Owens – WUTH – Breast Screening Programme

Vicky Palmer – Wirral Council – Learning from Lives and Deaths (LeDeR)

Keeva Rooney – IVAR – Connecting Health Communities

All – Info sharing

Louise McNee – Wirral CCG

Louise Harland-Davies – Wirral Community Champions

  • Sign up for Community Champions programme to get accurate local COVID-19 information regularly:
  • Wirral Council is working closely with vulnerable people and local businesses to answer questions about how to keep staff and the public safe
  • Community Champions can now access training including #Spare5 – wider remit than just COVID!

Anna Owens – Breast Screening Co-ordinator for Wirral and Chester

  • Anyone with breast tissue (including men) can get breast cancer and so can access breast screening
  • New campaign to address inequalities within breast screening, particularly targeting over-70s
  • Get in touch with Anna if you’d like her to visit your group and do a presentation: [email protected]

Vicky Palmer – Learning from Lives and Deaths (LeDeR)

  • Annual LeDeR report looks at the deaths of people with learning disabilities and autistic people to improve care, reduce health inequalities and prevent premature mortality
  • Latest report was written during COVID which had a huge impact on people with learning disabilities especially in terms of social isolation

Keeva Rooney – Connecting Health Communities

  • Connecting Health Communities is an 18-month support package to enable cross-sector partnerships to address health inequalities
  • In Wirral the focus is on health inequalities faced by older people
  • Contact Keeva to get involved in the work: [email protected]


Healthwatch Wirral


  • Qwell (adults) and Kooth (children and young people) – online emotional wellbeing and mental health support services
  • Free and easy to sign up, various self-help resources available as well as sessions with qualified counsellors;
  • Richard is available for training sessions, assemblies etc: [email protected] (or colleague Holly Cook [email protected] for Qwell enquiries

BAME COVID Community Support Team

  • Multilingual team, signposting people across networks around all health issues e.g. registering with GPs
  • Translation and interpretation team is available – [email protected]

Cafe Create


  • Down to REAT level 3 which is good news!
  • Staff are being issued with individual iPads which have translation and interpretation apps including access to BSL
  • NHS 111 and 999 are now moving onto the same triage system which will make it easier to refer across
  • Ambulances will now no longer be dispatched to some incidents where the person is confirmed to have already died

Feb 2022 notes

Connecting Health Communities in Wirral Presentation


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