Alcohol Survey Wirral – A short survey to find out feelings around alcohol, changes in behaviours, local information and services on Wirral

Feb 16, 2021 | COVID-19, Engagement, News

Foundations of Quality Improvement should always have what patients tell us about their treatment and care at the heart of everything, as a system, that we plan and do. We must be able to evidence that all actions and decisions made come back to this, making certain that everyone feels respected, involved and valued at each and every part of the journey. We should all feel confident that we are either giving or receiving quality care.’
Healthwatch Wirral, Age UK Wirral, NHS England and ECIST, Wirral System

The purpose of this survey is to find out if the communications and services currently provided are what the public need, both to support them and to prevent drinking habits becoming hazardous. We wanted to understand whether we needed to make messages more person centred and to help our system land information in different ways, depending on personal circumstances that are unique to them.  2020/2021 has been unprecedented and ‘unique’ in itself, exposing vulnerabilities in people who would not necessarily felt this before.

Drinking alcohol is primarily a social activity, often done in the public, in public venues, festivals, sporting events. It is important to know what has changed in the drinking habits of the Wirral population so we can better respond with information, education, services and other strategies as needed and in a timely manner. Emerging but limited evidence suggests that alcohol consumption has increased during the COVID-19 pandemic

The findings of this short survey have been shared with the Alcohol Sub-group and the Health Inequalities Committee, before being published.  It is important, with any work that HWW undertakes, that findings are shared widely in an accessible format, so the public feel confident & recognise HWW as an independent body for our residents.

Download the Alcohol Survey Findings

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