Volunteers represent Healthwatch on the following groups. They provide feedback from these groups to help us try to form a complete picture of the care sector in Wirral. To request a Healthwatch representative for your group, please contact us.

Safeguarding Adults Partnership Board

Diane Morley

End of Life Care Steering Group

Alison Shead

Patient Participation Group

Elaine Evans

Community Trust Board

Karen Prior

Suicide Prevention

Wendy Kay

Healthwatch Champion Co-ordinator

Jo McCourt

Maternity Service Liaison Committee

Margie Gill

Health and Wellbeing Board

Phil Davies

Patient & Family Experience Group, Wirral University Teaching Hospital

Elaine Evans

Clinical Commissioning Group Board

Karen Prior

COPD (Respiratory) Steering Group

Karen Prior, Wendy Kay

Sustainability Transformability Group

Mike Sowden

Healthwatch Volunteer Co-ordinator

Carmel Calvert

Patient-Led Assessments of the Care Environment

Various Volunteers

Crisis Care Concordat

Karen Prior

Equality & Diversity

Carmel Calvert

BME Partnership Group

Karen Prior, Wendy Kay

Diabetes Steering Group

Wendy Kay, Karen Prior

Partnership with Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA)

Wendy Kay

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