Voter ID updates from Wirral Council

News Newsletter - 15 February 2023

Wirral Council want to make people aware that from 4th May 2023, anyone who wants to vote at a polling station will need to show Photo ID before they can receive their ballot paper: this could be a passport or a driving licence or another form of Photo ID.  If they don’t own any Photo ID, they can apply for a free of charge Voter Photo ID card (called a Voter Authority Certificate).

You can apply for a Voter Authority Certificate online: or request a paper application form by contacting Wirral Council Electoral Services on 0151 691 8046 [email protected].

We anticipate that electors who are between the ages of 18 – 24, electors over the age of 70, electors with a disability and electors who do not have English as their first language are least likely to be aware of the changes and least likely to have the photo ID that they need. The government has produced a range of resource packs to support specific groups to understand this change, including information in Easy Read and BSL. These resources can be found here:

Furthermore, there will also be an improvement of support in polling stations for people with a wider range of disabilities through a general responsibility on Returning Officers to consider the needs of disabled people and provide equipment to support them to vote. Anyone over the age of 18 will be able to act as a companion to assist a disabled voter in a polling station.

In all polling stations we currently ensure that there is ramped or flat access; and that all polling stations have sufficient turning room to enable disabled voters to independently access the polling booth. We provide a low ledge polling booth, a large print ballot paper, a tactile voting device, a credit card sized magnifying lens, and a member of staff on hand to assist disabled voters.

We intend to extend the current list of assistance aides to include an A5 magnifying lens’ and writing aid pen/pencil grips.

Guide to local elections

  1. There will be local elections taking place on Thursday 4th May 2023, to elect all Councillors to Wirral Council.
  1. You can add your name to the Electoral Register at
  1. You must be registered to be allowed to vote.
  1. You will receive a poll card a few weeks before Election Day telling you where your polling station is located.
  1. You must have photographic identification to vote in a polling station (like a passport or driving licence). If you don’t have photo ID, you can apply for a free Voter ID from the Council.
  1. If you don’t want to go to a polling station, you can vote by post or proxy (someone else votes on your behalf).
  1. You can apply for a postal or proxy vote online at
  1. If you don’t use a computer or need help with any of the above, you can ring 0151 691 8046 or visit your local library for help.