Talking Together Wirral – BAME consultation results

News Newsletter - 24 March 2023

Talking Together Wirral has recently conducted a consultation with people from Black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds to find out why people from these communities are underrepresented in current referrals and to help to reduce barriers in the future.

Focus groups were conducted in partnership with Wirral Change, Wirral Deen Centre, Wirral Metropolitan College and Healthwatch Wirral, along with an online questionnaire.

Feedback – Main Barriers

  • Not knowing where to get help
  • Language
  • Stigma – negative connotations with mental health
  • Distrust of public services
  • Just not something they would do

Feedback – Overcoming Barriers

  • Drop-in sessions at community centres
  • People to help with trust
  • Normalising mental health support
  • Therapy delivered at GP surgeries
  • Translators and translated information
  • Therapists from similar backgrounds
  • More information about where to go

Feedback – marketing

  • Include non-clinical wording for what anxiety and depression is
  • Include the causes of stress, things that will add pressure
  • What does accessing NHS Therapies do to help me
  • Healthy imagery
  • Positive growth
  • Exercise for the brain, like physical health

Read the full report, including recommendations, here (Powerpoint download): BAME recommendations Everyturn Powerpoint