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Below is our jargon buster. If there is anything missing from this list, please feel free to get in touch and tell us.

Jargon Buster

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Someone who helps you to express your views and wishes and to help you stand up for your rights


Consumer champion 
Support for users (of a service)

To leave or be sent home from hospital

Speaking with people

Speed up the process, make something happen more quickly

Help or assist

Hybrid Approach 
Mixture of ways (of doing something).

Levelling Up
To advance or improve. Also, to reduce inequality between regions of the UK.

 involving more than one type of study. So, in health care it means a group of health and care staff who are members of different organisations and professions (e.g. GPs, social workers, nurses) working together to make decisions regarding the treatment of individual patients.

refers to the range of differences in the way our brains work and we behave (used especially in the context of autistic spectrum disorders)

This is the activity of providing services to people in different places to help more people get an opportunity to attend.

Patient’s route into services and choices of support and treatment

Recite Me 
Is a button on our website that takes you to an area where you can change the settings or language to make the site easier to understand

Red Bag 
 stays with a care home resident from the time they go to hospital, until they return to their care home. When residents are ready to go home, a copy of their discharge summary (which details the care they received in hospital) is placed in the Red Bag so that care home staff have access to this important information when their residents arrive back home.

Pointing in the right direction eg. this may refer to giving someone the details of a local service.

Required by law.

Telephone triage 
 is when you call your GP practice and the receptionist checks details before taking action.  

Tissue Viability 
 “Tissue viability is a growing speciality that primarily considers all aspects of skin and soft tissue wounds including acute surgical wounds, pressure ulcers and all forms of leg ulceration.” -  (Tissue Viability Society 2009).

 a personal set of resources, abilities, or skills.

 the initial assessment of patients’ to help decide how urgently they need treatment and the type of treatment required.

to increase the quality or size of something.

  The voluntary, community, faith and social enterprise sector is an important partner for statutory health and social care agencies and plays a key role in improving health, wellbeing and care outcomes for people across Wirral. These include local support groups, charities, church and faith groups and other non-profit organisations.

Voluntary Sector 
 The ‘voluntary sector’ refers to organisations whose primary purpose is to create social impact rather than profit. It is often called the third sector, charitable, civil society or the not for profit sector.

Wirral University Teaching Hospital (Arrowe Park Hospital).