NWAS Information Burst – December 2023

News - 12 January 2024

All information taken from NWAS Information Burst

Warm spaces for all

As daylight is shorter and the nights are longer, winter can impact us all. Everyone has bills to pay, food to buy to survive, and some people are in search for a warm space needed to help stay safe and warm. Whatever your reason is, please make great use of these available spaces in your communities.

Each space can offer something different. Some may offer free food; pay-it-forward schemes, advice, somewhere to charge your phone or maybe just somewhere to be comfortable and warm with no judgement. Please utilise the information and share with friends and family provided at the warm spaces website.

Have your say about how children are invited for their vaccinations

Child Health Information Services (CHIS) would be grateful for your support and feedback towards a potential change to the way children are invited and recalled for their routine childhood vaccinations. CHIS are seeking responses to a short 5-minute survey from the full spectrum of parents/carers, their healthcare professionals and others who work with young families, to understand their views about the potential use of text messages, as well as letters, for childhood vaccination invitations. They are particularly keen to hear from those who may not engage regularly with health services or who may face difficulties with digital communication, alongside others. If you would like to complete the survey, you can access and complete directly using this link.

Please feel free to share this survey with your colleagues and networks.

NWAS Community Listening Event – Greater Manchester

Our next NWAS community listening event is on Tuesday 23 January 2024, 10:30-14:30 at The Guidance Hub, Greater Manchester. The event is free to attend with free lunch and refreshments. This is your opportunity to take part in new tabletop exercises and a community discussion about your experiences and perceptions with our 999, NHS 111 and patient transport services, which provides vital feedback from all our community members.

Please feel free to invite your friends, family and your networks who live in the area as the event is open to the public.

Don’t forget to book your free place on Eventbrite using the following link here or you can email a member of our team at [email protected] to register.

Where are we in January?

We want to be as visible as we can be so that the general public may locate us and tell us about their experiences. In the North West, you can find us at the following pop-up events and informational days.

University of Salford ‘Refreshers’ fair – Monday 19 January 2024.

NWAS Community Listening event in Greater Manchester – Tuesday 23 January 2024, 10-2pm.

UCLan University ‘Refreshers’ fair – Wednesday 24 January 2024.

Patient and Public Panel (PPP)

Our Patient and Public Panel have over 289 volunteers already supporting improvements at NWAS, if you would like to contribute by sharing your lived experiences to help improve our ambulance service and become a member of our Patient and Public Panel, please do not hesitate to get in touch: [email protected]

Patient Stories

If you or your family have any feedback or experience that you would like to share, we would like to hear from you! Please get in touch, [email protected]

Patient Engagement Team

Just a reminder that the Patient Engagement Team are always happy to come and speak to your organisation, group or forum to share NWAS updates. This can be done virtually on MS Teams, Zoom, or in person. If you would like a visit, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]