North West Ambulance Service’s ‘Your Call’ magazine – Issue 18

News - 08 August 2023

North West Ambulance Service take a trip to Manchester Airport and shadow their ambulance crews based there helping excited holidaymakers at this time of year.

They speak to their Hazardous Area Response Team to find out why open water can look inviting but is extremely dangerous, even for a strong swimmer.

Also in this edition, NWAS speak to NHS 111 Health Advisor Charlene Richards who, after entering a team poetry competition based on experiences at work, talks about her journey with mental health. Her poem ‘Hardest call to take’ won – don’t miss it.

Some of the men in the NWAS service feature in their men’s health focus, including Senior Paramedic Team Leader Iain Duffy. Iain was diagnosed with bowel cancer less than a year ago and shares his story to raise awareness of the symptoms.

NWAS also look at the important role that research plays in developing the NHS into what it is today, as well as what it means for its future.