Living Well bus – Wirral locations for May

COVID-19 News Newsletter - 19 April 2023

The Living Well Bus is operated by Cheshire and Wirral Partnership and offers a range of services including:

  • COVID-19 vaccination (1st and 2nd doses and spring boosters for those who are eligible)
  • Physical health checks
  • Direct referrals to talking therapies

Throughout May you can visit the Living Well bus at the following locations:

  • Saturday 6th May – 10.30am-4pm – Hoole Road, Woodchurch
  • Sunday 14th May – 10.30am-1pm – Beechwood Estate
  • Sunday 14th May – 1.30pm-4pm – Townfield shops, Noctorum
  • Saturday 27th May – 10.30-4pm – Birkenhead town centre