Koala Northwest – Training across to local organisations

News - 06 March 2024

As part of our outreach work, Healthwatch Wirral provide regular presentations and training sessions across the community and to health and social care providers.

Sessions vary, some examples:

  • Care navigation for GP staff
  • #Spare5 sessions to support confidence in our community to have meaningful conversations with a greater understanding of what is available across the community
  • Importance of utilising you Local Healthwatch and how to feedback
  • Enter & View training for authorised representatives.

We recently had a great session with the fantastic staff at Koala North West

Talking about the importance of sharing feedback on all experiences of the NHS & Social Care and how we support people to do this. Helping to raise awareness on Healthwatch Services and how we use feedback to influence local service provision. The simple act of sharing will help improve care for all who use it.


If you are part of a group or organisation and would benefit from a session with one of our team. Get in touch,

We can help with additional tools & materials to support you including hints and tips to increase feedback and patient experience of using service including:

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 0151 230 8957