ADHD Medication Shortages in Wirral

News - 12 January 2024

ADHD medication has been out of stock for many since the NHS issued a Patient Safety Alert on the 27th of September 2023.

Healthwatch Wirral have been contacted by residents and organisations in relation to the impact this is having here on Wirral.

Healthwatch Wirral have worked closely with Sole Survivor PTSD Support CIC to understand more about people’s experiences and the challenges.  Sole Survivor facilitate ADHD Peer Support Groups in the community on a weekly basis.

What we heard

Respondents who take medication for their condition have detailed concerns with severe dips in their mental health many to the point of crisis and thoughts of suicide. Some of whom have been medicated since childhood. The abrupt stop compounded with little advice, guidance or alternative from the NHS has been of concern.

Others shared they are in recovery from illegal substances and/or Alcohol and that that the shortage of stimulant medication is pushing them to the point of reverting to old coping mechanisms and self-medication. Seeking out street dealers to just function at the level that they believe they were when medicated.

Critical Questions

  1. What do people do whilst they are waiting for resupply?
  2. What medication is available presently on Wirral?
  3. When will this get better? What are the time frames?
  4. Will this happen again?
  5. What other support and guidance is available?

You said, We Did

Healthwatch have liaised with Wirral Medicines Management and local Mental Health Leaders to highlight concerns, seek assurances, and request the latest advice.

  • Local guidance, developed by CWP has been issued to primary care and this is being used here on Wirral to support patients.
  • A link to prescribing available medicines available can be found on the link. This can be used to see if your medication is available or being replenished to support you to pre-empt any issue Pharmacy personal stock runs out. The information contained does suggest stock is returning gradually.

  • If your GP advises that alternative options are also out of stock and you do not feel you can manage having a break in medication, speak to your GP about this. They can look to re-refer you to the specialist CAMHS, LD or ADHD adult service for advice and a potential review.

Healthwatch Wirral will be continuing to speak with commissioners and senior leaders to try to ensure that everything possible is being done to support the issue.

Many thanks to Matt Shepley & Sole Survivor and members for sharing personal & important experiences.

Useful Information

CWP Adult ADHD Team
0300 303 3157

Wirral CAMHs
0300 303 3157

If your mental or emotional state quickly gets worse or deteriorates, this can be called a ‘mental health crisis’. CWP Crisis line is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and open to all ages: 0800 145 6485

Specialist ADHD Service Contact Information and Patient Advice Line and a range of helpful short videos can be found on the CANDDID website:

The following support services and resources may be useful:

ADHD Foundation

 The National Attention Deficit Disorder Information and Support Service

ADD/ADHD Information Online

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